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Round 5

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Tournament Players

1st shrink61320
2nd Samuel Fam(3:13)19
3rd Leslie Rokoske(4:31)19
4th Antoinette18
5th Jean Helmbright(2:51)17
6th Dr. Hip(3:31)17
7th Robert White(2:55)15
8th AR(3:20)15
9th Laszlo Trazkovich(2:24)14
10th Nagel(3:48)14
1st Elizabeth Lucht(2:26)22
2nd linda newton(3:50)22
3rd CarrieMac(2:51)18
4th Mac Ficheallaigh(3:38)18
5th Betsy Liljeberg(3:40)17
6th Susan Winslow(4:30)17
7th Anthony Cek(2:47)16
8th Alro99(4:09)16
9th M-JCW(2:17)15
10th Speedo13(3:34)15
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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