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Round 1

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1st Leo Bastiaens(2:07)19
2nd Reba Bindra(2:26)19
3rd familylady(2:44)19
4th wizard1(2:48)19
5th Reno(3:32)19
6th az_psych_md(3:49)19
7th harrison18
8th Darra Kingsley17
9th Nagel16.33
10th Genial Current16
1st M-JCW(1:54)19
2nd Guillermo Leoz(3:04)19
3rd Rosie1118.33
4th jcm2133(1:06)18
5th Elizabeth Lucht(1:27)18
6th sandra dangelo(2:24)18
7th Sadie Kane(2:28)18
8th Deborah Schiavone(7:14)18
9th Bdukes(3:01)17
10th cy c(3:23)17
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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