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Round 2

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1st az_psych_md24
2nd zak121
3rd shrinkrapper(1:41)19
4th Mentalist(1:57)19
5th Antoinette(2:00)19
6th Jean Helmbright(2:04)19
7th ameliac(2:15)19
8th Dr. Hip(2:22)19
9th Parkus(2:50)19
10th Ted Mauger(3:29)19
1st linda newton(2:31)21
2nd MissCZR(2:50)21
3rd pale(2:58)21
4th Elizabeth Lucht(1:07)19
5th Psychrn(2:11)19
6th Susan Winslow(3:22)19
7th Mac Ficheallaigh(1:37)18
8th GreenOlive(1:49)18
9th CarrieMac(1:51)17
10th Dr Ash(2:03)17
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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