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Round 4

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1st BSC21
2nd Nagel20
3rd lapaku18
4th Samuel Fam17
5th Dr. Hip(1:31)16
6th AR(2:12)16
7th shrink613(5:01)16
8th Mona Lisa(3:47)15
9th mPs(4:50)15
10th Laszlo Trazkovich13
1st Rosemary Jackson17
2nd Don Ho1(3:53)15
3rd Jeffrey Cole(4:00)15
4th MCAida14
5th Guillermo Leoz(2:13)13
6th Speedo13(2:45)13
7th Gigiwen(3:25)13
8th Elizabeth Lucht(1:36)12
9th Anthony Cek(2:22)12
10th Rhonda Gall(3:03)12
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In the event of a tie score, the faster time wins.

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